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Oct. 1, 2014

18:00: Conference Welcome

Keynote Address:
Gary Edgerton (Butler University):
"The Role of The Sopranos in the Rise of Cinematic Television during the 21st Century"


Oct. 2, 2014

9:00-11:00: Panel 1: Representing Power: Formats of Political TV Series 

Alexander Dunst (Paderborn), “What is Political about Political Television?”  abgesagt!

Simone Puff (Graz), “Olivia Pope Goes to Washington: Scandalous Affairs, Shady Politics, and an Ambivalent Heroine in ABC’s Serial Drama Scandal

Marjolaine Boutet (Amiens), “The Politics of Time in House of Cards

Dorothea Will (Passau), “The Humane Face of Politics? Political Representations, Power Structures, and Gender Limitations in HBO’s Political Comedy Veepabgesagt!

Coffee Break

11:30-13:00: Panel 2: Politics of Control and Meaning

René Dietrich (Mainz), “From Breaking Bad to The Americans: The Politics of Secrecy in Contemporary U.S. TV Series”

Janina Rojek (Marburg), “Crime, Control, and Illness in Boss, The Sopranos, and Breaking Bad

Lunch Break  

14:00-15:30: Panel 3: Political Meanings: Liberalism, Gender, and Ethnicity

Fabius Mayland (Bonn), “Show, Don't Tell: What the Aesthetic Choices of HBO's The Wire Tell Us about Negative Liberty”

Kimberly Moffitt (Baltimore), “Black Motherhood as Victimhood in The Wire

Stephanie Scholz (Wien), “Cashing In: The Casino Indian on Television”

Coffee Break  

16:00-17:30: Panel 4: Freaks, Outlaws, and Anti-Heroes: Quality Protagonists?

Tobias Auböck (Innsbruck), “A Jerk, but not yet a Villain: Redeeming Qualities in House, MD

Sandra Danneil (Dortmund), “Liminal Spaces in the Carnivalesque: The Simpsons as Animated Transgression”

Michael Sauter (Augsburg), “The Apocalypse Has Not Been Renewed: HBO’s Carnivale”  

Dinner Break

19:00: Screening of Selected Pilots  

Oct. 3, 2014

9:00-10:00: Panel 5: Gender and Violence in Sons of Anarchy

Payman Rezwanpanah-Poshteh (Wien), “‘Gotta Raise Some Hell Before They Take You Down’: Crime, Gender and the American Microcosm in Sons of Anarchy

Cornelia Klecker (Innsbruck), “The Almighty Mother(s) in Sons of Anarchy"

Coffee Break

10:30-12:00: Panel 6: Normativity, Transgression, and the Audience: Serializing Crime

Karin Hoepker (Erlangen), “No Longer Your Friendly Neighborhood Killer: Crime Shows and Seriality after Dexter”      

Julia Möseneder (Innsbruck), “Mind-Games and Cannibalism: Transgressive Elements in Hannibal

Felix Brinker (Berlin), “NBC’s Hannibal and the Politics of Audience Activation”

Lunch Break

13:30-14:30: Round Table: “Old Wine in New Bottles? TV Series in the 21st Century” (with Gary Edgerton, Irene Heschl/ORF, Anna Wallner/Die Presse, Birgit Däwes)                 

End of Conference    

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